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Since 1996 we have been leading Expert Witnesses acting on the instructions of the legal profession, private individuals and government agencies.  Our bureau is accomplished in the forensic analysis of imagery and audio exhibits.  We are members of the Law Society's Directory of Expert Witnesses  - 

" Over the years we have developed powerful testing techniques "

Specialising in forensic image analysis including video and CCTV  image analysis, enhancement, enlargement and FACIAL MAPPING.  Chronology, Comparative and Photogrammetry tests via both analogue and digital mediums.

We analyse images from paper, internet and electronic media such as hard drives,  CD and DVD.

Traditional analogue equipment plus "cutting edge" digital hardware and software is used to test and to enhance images to obtain more detailed and accurate analysis, be it a still image or video.

' Our testing ability combined with our reporting experience is frequently able to provide the vital evidence in a case - either for the prosecution or the defence party '

At the Analysis Bureau Imagery we understand that the highest quality reporting is crucial to the success of a case

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