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What is audio analysis and audio enhancement?

Audio analysis is considering a sound recording, and performing a specialist range of technical procedures in an attempt to improve the quality of and / or clarity of the sound and it's content.   This may apply to audio and sound captured in analogue format on magnetic tape such as audio cassette or in digital format on hard drive, USB stick, flash drive, CD or DVD, and performing a specialist range of forensic tests and procedures in an attempt to determine recorded events, for example, the words spoken by an individual or whether an individual's speech captured on one recording might be from one and the same individual whose speech has been captured on another recording.

Audio enhancement is the simple improvement in quality, via a specialist range of technical procedures, of a sound recording.

 ' This often reveals detail that could otherwise be overlooked and /or misconstrued  ' 

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Imagery Analysis considers recordings of sound contained on magnetic tape [in the case of analogue audio captured to audio cassette] and digitally recorded sound, captured to computer hard drives, USB sticks, flash drives and / or optical disks such as CD / DVD / Compact Disk.    Therefore audio recordings contained in or on many types of media, be it traditional analogue cassette tape or via digital techniques using computers are able to be analysed.

Since 1996 the Analysis Bureau Imagery has had specialist industry experience in audio and sound analysis from a variety of sources.  We provide audio enhancement and analysis within specially formatted Expert Witness Reports.  We are Independent Expert Witnesses.

A variety of specialised tests and procedures creates more easily definable results which may then be analysed in greater detail, including via digitisation, which allows the optimisation of  and a clarity of exhibit which is frequently not able to be obtained via alternative methods.

Our testing ability combined with our reporting experience is frequently able to provide the vital evidence in a case - either for the prosecution or the defence party '

The Analysis Bureau Imagery are able to advise with respect to the quality of audio evidence, particularly in the ability to provide identification evidence.

We are able to assess the suitability of an audio item as a potential evidential exhibit.

We have specialist industry experience since 1996 in the forensic analysis of audio

For further details, please see:  METHODOLOGY  and / or  CONTACT US

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