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'  At the Analysis Bureau Imagery we understand that the highest quality reporting is crucial to the success of a case  '

More and more immense amounts of video data is being captured around the world each day.   This video data is growing exponentially in importance as evidence.  Video forensics services such as those provided by The Analysis Bureau Imagery are core to the expert analysis and interpretation of this imagery.

Specialist industry experience in facial mapping, security CCTV video, image forensic analysis.  Digitisation, still frame isolation, enhancement, enlargement with hard copy prints inserted in Expert Witness Report.  Advanced digital technique analysis.  Specialist in CCTV video analysis, facial mapping, facial comparison, face identification, vehicle and car identification, including vehicle registration mark.  Independent Expert Witness.

' Our testing ability combined with our reporting experience is frequently able to provide the vital evidence in a case - either for the prosecution or the defence party '

At the Analysis Bureau Imagery we understand that the highest quality reporting is crucial to the success of a case


Having provided forensic analysis of video, CCTV, photos, images & facial mapping since 1996 -  "Over the years we have developed powerful testing techniques."  Designed to reveal, where possible, an ‘edge’ with respect to detecting actual events and /or reliable identification which could prove to be an indispensable advantage in a case and /or court presentation.

A range of illustrative hard copy prints, in full colour where applicable, is frequently generated from exhibited imagery and form an evidential section of the Report.  Our techniques normally allow for multiple copies of the relevant hard copy prints to be made available including for the ease of distribution to Jury members and Court officials, if required.

Court attendance is normally available by prior arrangement.

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