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What is facial comparison?

Facial or face comparison (or facial mappingis viewing two or more images of faces and performing a specialist range of forensic tests and procedures in an attempt to determine whether or not they may contain one and the same person.

Since 1996 the Analysis Bureau Imagery has had specialist industry experience in facial mapping, face comparison and facial identification from security closed circuit television [CCTV] video and still image forensic analysis.  We provide image enhancement and enlargement with hard copy prints inserted in specially formatted Expert Witness Reports.  We are Independent Expert Witnesses.


"Over the years we have developed powerful testing techniques."  Designed to reveal, where possible, an ‘edge’ with respect to detecting actual events and/or reliable identification which could prove to be an indispensable advantage in a case and /or court presentation.

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Huge amounts of video data (including CCTV) are captured every day.  The Analysis Bureau Imagery employs advanced video facilities that can assist in dramatically improving the quality of recorded video imagery, from which salient still images may be produced for further, more detailed analysis.

Humans are variable in their body size, shape and function.  These variances are sometimes captured on CCTV.

For two decades or so, the popularity of closed circuit television systems [CCTV] has increased and has been employed to survey a wide variety of buildings and establishments.

People are identified by their faces predominantly because the face is an anatomical region not covered by clothing and is furthermore, crucially, used throughout the course of each day as a major factor in communications between individuals.  Humans use faces to recognise and to recall.

The term “mapping” is used by some experts to provide an indication of the systematic, objective approach to identification from images.

The Analysis Bureau Imagery are able to advise with respect to the quality of CCTV evidence, particularly in the ability to provide identification evidence.

We are able to assess the suitability of still and video images for facial mapping, clothing and body comparison.

We have specialist industry experience since 1996 in the forensic analysis of images.

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